Name for a text document of about 10 to 50 pages that is used to describe a future business idea as well as measures that should be taken in the different divisions (Marketing, Finance,…) of the company. Further the document includes various reasons why the company will suceed on the market. The Businessplan is complemented by other plans that focus on other parts of the future company and give more detailed information for example about procurement or human ressources. On top of that the plan will point out how the company will deal with upcoming costs, financial ressources and also how the company will be able to generate profits. Businessplans help the company regarding their internal strategie development. Further Businessplans can give relevant information to potential investors.


My name is Jan Puder (LinkedIn profile Jan Puder). I am the founder & CEO of the BusinessTech-Company. Me and the BusinessTech-Company want to push the digital frontier. This is the reason, why I started this website. I want to provide information about digital businesses, especially for Chief Digital Officers.

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