Cloud strategy is about the strategy of cloud computing. Nowadays every company has a complex IT-infrastructure in which also cloud computing is used very often. Like this every company has integrated an IT-strategie that defines the environment for all IT-decisions in their own structures. An IT-decision could be for example which Soft-and hardware or which operating system should be used or which IT-service providers should be asked. The cloud-strategy results out of the IT-strategy and states how to deal with the use of cloud computing services. With the cloud-strategy comes a decision for the selection of a cloud computing provider, the security standards that have to be complied by the service provider and other questions in connection with the handling of cloud computing services.

Why this is interesting for a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?
Cloud is one of the pillars of the digital revolution. Business and IT services can be provided very easliy by this. That is the reason why it is important to a Chief Digital Officers (CDO).

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