A company today has an enormous amount of content that is made available in different formats and through different channels. This is mainly due to the revolutionary shift in marketing towards inbound marketing. This means that the goal of helping customers with their needs or problems is becoming more and more important for companies. However, it is also a challenge to always have the right content in the right place and to deliver the desired format in the right channel to the respective potential customer. With the publication of content, this is distributed in the various channels, is inevitably subject to a chronological order – this means already published contributions move further and further “down” in the channels and are also exposed to the reactions of users. And this is where the Content Hub comes in. The Content Hub can be described as a place where the entire content of a company is brought together, networked and stored. This is then made available to the public. This means that content is available again in a collected form, independent of the channels in which it has already been published.
Users can therefore consume the content regardless of the publication date and the corresponding channel. In this way, contributions from different channels can also be grouped together and viewed on a single topic.
A content hub therefore pursues the goal of responding to all the wishes and needs of (potential) customers in a targeted manner at a common location and optimising their customer experience through a uniform online brand presence.
Depending on its scope, the Content Hub can be, for example, a subpage of your own website or a completely independent website. In addition, depending on the name of the content hub, it can be determined whether it should be linked directly to the company or whether at first glance there should be no connection at all to the company and the brand. The hub itself can have the appearance of a portal, a blog or even a website, but this is only about the way it is presented.

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