A Daily or Daily Scrum is an event in the Scrum methodology. It is a daily meeting and timeboxed.

There the 3 central Scrum questions are answered:

  • What have I done since the last Daily?
  • What do I plan to do until the next Daily?
  • What hindered me at work (impediments)?

In some organizations these meetings are Tuesday to Thursday, because external consultants are often involved. Due to arrival and departure, Monday and Friday cannot be guaranteed. Some also introduce a weekly meeting (aka “Weekly” – usually on Thursday against late morning) to increase coordination and communication.

Why this is interesting for a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?
Scrum is a form of agile business. Today, many agree that digitalization only works agilely in companies. Many New Work followers also see it this way. For this reason Scrum is important for Chief Digital Officer (CDO) to know. A wide variety of startups have also developed special adaptions (e.g. Spotify). For corporates there are also special adaptations of the Scrum Model (e.g. SAFe), so that you can work fast and structured agile. Because often there are large resistances in traditional structures. Perhaps these approaches can help to break up encrusted structures and transform the company into an agile startup. This can free up a lot of energy. However, this should go hand in hand with sensible change management. Otherwise there is a great danger that agile will become chaos.

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