Company taking all its decisions based on collected data.

Because of various market parameters that should be included in a company’s decision and because of the fact that a company’s way of acting in its competitive environment is always afflicted with uncertainity companies tend more and more to make decisions based on available and rational data. By taking data into decision making companies can shape their processes and make them more efficient. On top of that information is nowadays not only relevant for the process of manufacturing products but also part of the product itself. Like this data is more and more an extension to available business models or can even be considered as the core of a recent business model.


My name is Jan Puder (LinkedIn profile Jan Puder). I am the founder & CEO of the BusinessTech-Company. Me and the BusinessTech-Company want to push the digital frontier. This is the reason, why I started this website. I want to provide information about digital businesses, especially for Chief Digital Officers.

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