Farming 4.0 is the term for a new era in agriculture, in which modern information and communication technologies are used.
Thus, by automating work steps, many processes can be taken over by machines without the need for human labour (e.g. automated feeders or unmanned vehicles maintaining the fields). Through robots, which are also able to learn through the basic features of artificial intelligence, human activities such as the removal of weeds or the distribution of seeds can also be carried out.
Sensors pick up environmental influences and thus optimize the processes. For example, cows can be tracked with the help of appropriate systems and recorded at the milking machines. Navigation and satellite systems are able to model maps with a very high resolution, which also determine different factors relevant to agriculture, such as soil moisture, terrain properties, humus content and topography. By collecting, storing, merging and analysing data in combination with different software solutions in the respective areas (e.g. animal husbandry, fertilizing, surveying, field monitoring, etc.) farmers can be supported in their daily To Dos.
In Smart Farming, the main focus is on increasing efficiency with regard to processes as well as support in decision-making through a sound data basis and the corresponding systems.

Why this is interesting for a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?
The basis of a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is to develop new business areas and business models. This is summarized under the 4.0 term world or Smart Everything.

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