Microservice oder Microservices is an architecture pattern for software. This means that microservices determine the structure of software programs. In the case of microservices – and this is where microservices differ from other architecture patterns – software programs are divided into individual modules. In this way, the individual components of a program remain all expandable and can be maintained independently of each other.
The main feature in which microservices differ from other architecture patterns is that they can be deployed on just one module without the need for the other modules to be deployed on the other modules.
For the implementation of microservices – these can, for example, be composed of individual containers, which then together form a functional software unit. But there are also other ways to implement microservices.
Each of the modules has its own interface, which can be controlled independently of the interface of the other modules. This results in even more advantages. For example, each of the modules (if the modules are e.g. containers) can be written in a different programming language and be provided on a different platform. On the other hand, if a module does not have enough memory or puts too much load on the main processor, this will only affect this single module. If a single module fails, it is even possible for the other microservices to continue working unaffected, which means that they can be considered an extremely stable system.

Microservices are also seen in the context of service-oriented architectures (SOA). Many people say that these are just small granular SOA services.

Why this is interesting for a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?
As a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) it is elementary to manage the digital architecture.
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