Social Software is an umbrella term for software that is intended to promote collaboration and communicative exchange through an even better networking of internal company personnel. The idea on which the use of social software is based is that through networking and mutual exchange, innovative strength should be strengthened and knowledge should be better disseminated within the company. Appropriate tools, for example, provide messaging options or make it possible to share documents that are being worked on together. Collaboration can thus be made much easier for individual employees, but also more efficient. Depending on what the software tools are used for, they can take on very different forms. One form of social software, for example, is Wikis. These can then be used and edited by several people. Thus knowledge can be spread and made available much better and faster. On the other hand, there are also blogs where news and interesting facts can be shared with other employees. Or there are communities on specific topics, which promote the exchange, as well as social bookmarking software, which makes it possible to mark relevant websites for several people and then manage them together.

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