SSD may refer to: Why this is interesting for a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?
Data storage is also important - even in times of cloud computing. For one thing, they are built into the cloud servers. On the other hand, there are laptops and other hardware for which you need local data storage. That's why this is important for Chief Digital Officer (CDO).
See also (glossary Data storage)):
The term SSD is an abbreviation.
In the digital world Three-letter acronym (TLA) are very popular.
This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title SSD. In the case of a keyword with several meanings, the terms must be clearly distinguished so that readers can quickly find the articles belonging to them. These are so-called homonymy, homograph or polysemy. Usually at these are abbreviations which are described in more detail. Especially in regards to Chief Digital Officer (CDO), digitalization and digital transformation.
Following abbreviations are also in this glossary:
For more abbreviations regarding SSD please refer to SSD.

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