The User Experience (short: UX) is the experience that a user makes in connection with a product, a service, an environment or the company itself. The product of a company therefore also includes all “accompanying services” such as software solutions or services that go beyond the product. UX often refers to digital touchpoints such as a company’s website or app. In general, the aim is to ensure that the action of using a product – whether it is a service, a product or something similar – is positive. The user should be satisfied and feel comfortable using the product/service/etc.
In order to bring about a positive user experience, it depends on the fulfilment of various aspects. Depending on whether it is a physical product or a service, these have to be designed differently. Other criteria must also be met to ensure happy people through apps or websites.
For example, it depends on how well the user can use a product (usability). In the case of an app, this would be, for example, how well the user understands and can use the app. The aesthetic design and the extent to which it appeals to the user also plays a role.
In the case of a website this would be for example layout and design of the page.
It is also important that the product works and can therefore bring the benefit that the user wants. In this sense, all aspects that are important for the user and how they should be designed in order to provide the user with a positive experience when using a product, service, etc. have to be considered.

Why this is interesting for a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?
Usability is a very important product feature in the digital world. Often it is the USP, like the iPhone. That's why the idea of thinking from the design point of view is keyword: Design Thinking. For this reason Scrum is important for Chief Digital Officer (CDO) to know.

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