With Harald Schirmer as the Continental CDO (Chief Digital Officer), the company (Continental) didn’t just get an IT-expert on board of their digitalization process, but also a person being: a moderator, a coach, an author, blogger and jury member of the “Digital Leader Award”. Schirmer himself describes his drive as successful, sustainable and positive solutions for any problems. What makes him a good leader is his passion for sharing all his experiences. He shares any knowledge or ideas in general. All this especially when it comes to Social Business, Enterprise 2.0 and the overall digital transformation.

“Digitalization makes innovative vehicle technology even more attractive.”


Why should Continental and the Continental CDO be involved in digitalization?

As the process of digitalization evolves, the flexibilization of work increases more and more. By thinking at the future of Continental there are four aspects that are decisively for the succes of the digitalization. These are flexibility, diversity, management and learning. These aspects are especially important in production and in regard to mobility but also Continental’s future in general. Management was changed and a participation concept whereby employees are involved in working on the future of work was designed.

Furthermore, Continental makes use of the opportunities offered by the digitalization supporting employees in a number of ways. They are giving them different possibilities from where and how to work like smartphones, tablets or home office). Also they use video conferences instead of personal meetings and creative rooms.

During the last years they also developed an intern social medium “ConNext” which leads to transparent knowledge transfer and a thinking outside the box. The aim here is to make room for creativity and innovation and get ready for upcoming challenges.

Digital projects

In September 2017, Continental took over the start-up “Parkpocket” completely. The founder of this start-up will still work on their goals set over the last years – just from now on as employees of Continental. Parkpocket itself is an app helping drivers in finding a parking space.

Accelerator / Incubator

Co-Pace is the startup program of Continental (Accelerator). It addresses startups working in the area of autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, advanced materials, data security, next generation batteries, advanced propulsion systems or smart cities. The then selected startups will get insight knowledge from the company itself. But mostly they get help in general to push their products forwards to achieve radically fast market proof.

Social media

Inside the company Continental AG prohibited the use of WhatsApp and Snapchat on company phones. Reasons therefore was their worry about deficiencies in protecting personal data such as contacts when using these services. So instead their channels to attract new employees are facebook, xing or youtube. Recently they opened a blog where employees report about their daily work tasks, but also about a stay abroad or internships.


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