As it’s known digitalization has a tremendous impact on supply chains. Therefore it’s clear that Deutsche Post Group has to invent a strategy for the digitalization of their mentioned supply chain. Surely with the aim of being ahead of competitors. With this in mind they are using the newly created advantages for themselves and for their customers. Companies often employ a so-called Chief Digital Officer for this purpose. But at the moment there is no person who takes over the position of the Deutsche Post CDO.

Why digitalization

DHL as part of the Deutsche Post Group is already making use of new digital techniques especially in their stores. Augmented Reality is used to increase efficiency, warehouse robots support employees with repetitive tasks and software-robots assume backoffice processes. What is really helpful when dealing with orders are IoT-applications with which customers can track their delivery. Jose F. Nava, Chief Development Officer (DHL Supply Chain) says the following about digitalization. “Our costumers expect more and more from us that we do not just accompany them in this time of upheaval, but rather leading the way directively.”

Speaking of robots, Dr. Frank Appel sees one big advantage in the digitalization: Due to work removed by robots, employees will have more time for what they really like to do such as creative tasks or social relations.

Digital projects

A few years ago, Deutsche Post bought the former startup “Streetscooter”, a company offering tailored electric vehicles. Since then they are working together on newer and better car models. These will stand up the changes of the last years.

Digital accelerator/incubator

Deutsche Post partnered up with the “Startup Autobahn” (Accelerator) innovation platform. This platform is based in Stuttgart connecting over 30 startups with a host of partners from all kind of industries. They want to create Europe’s largest innovation network.

Within their own company, Deutsche Post offers the Start-Up Lab. It’s an incubator program open for all DPDHL group employees with ideas about, inter alia, the future of work and last-mile delivery.

Social Media

Deutsche Post Group uses the ever-growing coverage and recognition of any Social Media channels. To discuss with both customers and personnel recruitment. Worth mentioning is that Deutsche Post invests here in trained employees who are reachable 24 h/7 days a week. They will answer to any kind of question and can give feedback.


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