Rahmyn Kress works as the CDO for Henkel since 2017. As part of a global team he is the perfect person for this position. This especially because of his extensive experience and his sound knowledge. This is based on more than 25 years of professional experience in positions of a CEO, a president of a digital company, or managing director. Here he specifically has the task to accelerate digital activities within the company. Further he is responsible for the implementation of their digital strategy and the strategic priorities in general.

Why should Henkel and the Henkel CDO be involved in digitalization?

Henkel has set itself four strategical priorities for 2020: one is digitalization Henkel. They see the added value of the digitalization for example in a stronger relation between company and costumers/consumers. But also in optimized processes and in a more innovative and agile functioning. In the longer term they expect a growth of the (then more digitalized) company. Like this Henkel can also react to trends more quickly.

Digital subsidiaries

Henkel Ventures is the corporate venture capital engagement of the company. It invests in development projects with start-up companies for promoting new technologies and business models. They invest in all areas of interest for Henkel. Those companies should still be in an early phase but already have a long-term vision.

Digital platform / incubator

Another digital project of Henkel is their platform “Henkel X”. It is “an agile, hyper-connected and entrepreneurial platform for collaboration and innovation”. The idea behind this platform is to connect networks, costumers and industry partners. In this way Henkel wants to speed up it’s entrepreneurial transformation across three columns: Ecosystem, Experience and Experimentation.

Henkel X
Henkel X


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