Beiersdorf Digital Transformation

Beiersdorf Digital Transformation

Digitalization is changing people's everyday lives as well as the economic environment in which companies operate. The digital transformation will describe the evolutionary process by which - in this case - companies adapt to this digital change. In the following Beiersdorf's Digital Transformation will be described in detail.


Company name:Beiersdorf AG
Description:A company from the consumer goods industry.
Very well known for its product Nivea.
Chief Digital Officer (CDO):Martin Böhm

Social Media Beiersdorf


Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Name: Martin Böhm

Social Media Chief Digital Officer (CDO)


External Digitalization

Digitalization is changing the demands that customers and suppliers, but also the market itself, place on the company. External digitalization is about how the company presents itself to the outside world and how it deals with these new requirements in order to be able to continue to operate successfully in the market.

This is about answering the questions:

  • How can I design my product range to inspire the customer? (Raise Net Promoter Score)
  • How can I bring my products to market as quickly as possible? (Go-to-Market strategy)

Digital Unit external

Describes own companies, which deal intensively with the topic digitization and promote this topic. Digital Unit external and Digital Unit internal cannot always be clearly separated from each other.


Digital Business Model (Value Proposition)

A business model describes how a company creates value, communicates that value and records it as revenue. Digitalization creates entirely new ways in which a company can create value that can be integrated into existing business models. Value proposition is the core of the business model, as it determines the benefits a company can offer its customers. Existing companies must therefore review their business models (in particular value proposition) and determine whether a new approach created by digitization should be used to increase the benefits for the customer.

More about digital business model can be found here in the glossary: Business Model.



Digital Accelerators

Accelerators are institutions which support companies, e.g. through consulting, training or personnel, so that they can develop as quickly as possible. Normally these are startups that are helped by Accelerators. In this cooperation, a company already established on the market is supported, which faces new challenges or has to grow into the digital transformation.
More about Accelerators can be found here in the glossary: Accelerator.

Name:Next Commerce Accelerator
Description:Next Commerce Accelerator is Europe’s leading accelerator network in the retail sector as well as an investment fund.
Its aim is to connect startups with experienced companies in order to accelerate the development of startups in the trading sector with the help of these different partner companies as quickly as possible.
Next Commerce Accelerator is supported by various investors from the trading industry who are all ready to test the services or products of the start-ups. Beiersdorf is one of these investors.

Digital Incubators

Incubators are facilities that create optimal conditions for a company to develop fully. Incubators are also usually associated with startups. In this context, incubators create optimal conditions for successfully integrating the changes associated with digitization into an existing company.
You can find out more about incubators here in the glossary: Incubator.

Name:Hightech Startbahn Inkubator
Description:HighTech Startbahn supports young deep tech companies with business development and -expansion and helps to master the venture journey. They see about 500 young deep-tech companies every year — nearly 10% of these start-ups and scale-ups are supported by their operational approach and their network.

Digital Startups

Digital startups of the corporate.
More about Startups can be found here in the glossary: Startup.

Description:A company that improves the entire skin ecosystem in a natural way (microbiome).
The company is developing a portfolio of innovative therapeutic and cosmetic applications based on its own patented technology platform.

Name:Rocket Internet
Description:Rocket enables entrepreneurship. They build, develop and invest strategically and operationally in Internet and technology companies around the world. They also support their companies in their international expansion. Rocket Internet’s selected companies operate in a variety of countries around the world. Beiersdorf is cooperating with Rocket Internet and intends to use its start-up partner to expand into other countries.

Digital Subsidiaries

Name: Wingman-Studios GmbH 
Description:The WINGMAN-STUDIOS are the incubator for the repositioning of the GAMMON brand, which was very successful in the 1980s and 1990s under the Beiersdorf Group, but has remained dormant ever since.
With the founding of WINGMAN-STUDIOS, the purely digital relaunch of the GAMMON brand is undertaken. GAMMON’s relaunch is carried out with the help of a premium perfume collection. A purely digital relaunch means no TV spots, no posters – everything runs online.

Digital Hubs

Digital Hubs are outsourced premises of a company in which innovations are dedicated to the topic of digitization. By means of other work processes and unfastened corporate structures, the networking of internal and external expertise is intended to create digital innovations that drive the company forward.
You can find out more about Digital Hub here in the glossary: Digital Hub.



Apps of the corporate.
More about Apps can be found here in the glossary: App.

Google App Store:

Further Apps

App name:Nivea-App (for customers)
Description:The app makes it possible to collect points with every purchase and thereby secure rewards. In addition, the app informs about promotions.
Google App Store:

App name:BlueNet (for employees)
Description:The workplace of many people is becoming increasingly flexible, and digitalisation is bringing about an indispensable change.
With the BlueNet App, Nivea takes the first step and enables employees to follow company news on the move. This is particularly valuable for production and field staff because they do not have fixed PC access and travel a lot. The app displays different channels and which channels become visible in the app can also be individually adapted by the employees.
App Store:The app is only launched for employees and therefore not available in the normal App-Store (Google/iTunes).

Internal Digitalization

Refers to the digitization of internal company structures and processes. Here, the digitization of the company's own product and service chain is at the forefront.

This is about answering the questions:

  • How can I increase my productivity through even more digital processes?
  • How can I increase my productivity through even more digital processes?
  • How can I achieve faster results through even more digitalisation in the company?

Digital Unit internal

Describes internal company departments or even a direct subsidiary that deals intensively with the topic of digitization and drives it forward. Digital Unit external and Digital Unit internal cannot always be clearly separated from each other.

Digital FactoryThe Digital Factory offers space to drive digitalization forward. It is a division of the company, but physically separated from it. In the Digital Factory, internal and external people with different expertise work together to realize digital projects.

Digital Strategy

Describes the strategy, i.e. the long-term behavioural plan, of how a company wants to implement digitalization within the company.

Blue AgendaDigitalization primarily affects marketing and sales, as well as the entire supply chain and human resources. With the Blue Agenda, Beiersdorf has set itself digitization targets to be achieved by 2020. Digitization is to be integrated at all levels. The Company intends to collect and train all employees through various measures (e.g. e-learning programs), and also to implement digitization at the product and brand levels, such as those targeted by the Digital Factory.

N-X strategy within the Blue AgendaThe N.X. strategy is to a certain extent part of the Blue Agenda and focuses solely on the Nivea brand.
Beiersdorf’s goal is to ensure that consumers have a positive experience of the Nivea brand. This is primarily due to the fact that consumers today no longer want to buy products, but rather to enjoy experiences. Digitalization in particular is creating new opportunities to realize this experience with the brand across all touchpoints. This is precisely what this strategy is designed to achieve.

Digital Governance

Digital Governance ensures that the digital strategy is properly implemented. And - vice versa - governance should serve to support the alignment of the digital architecture. It refers to the management and interaction with employees in connection with the implementation of digitalization in the company.


Digital Architecture

Digital Architecture describes the structure of corporate structures and areas that the company uses to implement digitalization in the best possible way.


Digital Processes

Digital processes refer to processes that the company uses to implement digitalization. Based on this, it is used for the internal digitalization. Usually they are implemented based on a business process map on different levels (e.g. level 1-5). Processes designed on level 1 are End-to-End (E2E) processes. Business Process Management (BPM) is the methodology to design and manage digital processes.


Digital Organization

Type of control of the business units that the company chooses to implement digitalization.

blueplanetBlueplanet is a collaboration platform for worldwide collaboration within the company.
On this platform, there are many possibilities that make everyday work much easier: For example, if you want input on a document, you no longer have to send the e-mail attachment to all 30 recipients to get 30 individual files back. Instead, you can upload the document to blueplanet, share it with colleagues and see their feedback. In addition, several people can also work within one file.

Digital Platform

Describes platforms that the company uses for implementation or as part of its digital strategy.

BlueNetThis internal platform, which also has an app of the same name for employees, makes it possible to track company news. With the app also mobile and without fixed PC access. By providing different content channels, content can also be played out site-specifically. With the app, employees also have the option of displaying their selected content channels separately in the app.

Digital Tools

Describes tools (e.g. programs) that the company uses to implement or within the framework of the digital strategy.


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