Decisions regarding the blog

Decisions regarding the blog

Here I describe the decisions I made regarding the blog:

1. URL

The URL is for each supported language (currently English & German) is :

For English content

For German content

The reason I use one URL for both languages (i.e. the .com): I want to provide all information under the .com TLD without creating “silos”. Disadvantage is that there might be disadvantages regarding SEO. JavaScript is used for the Browser Language detection (see multi-language plugin below). Many search engine crawlers can handle this badly. However, I think that this is more logical, or easier to use.

Nevertheless the direct German content can also be found under the German TLD

I also have without dashes. But I see the TLD .com more valuable.

2. Open Innovation

I support Open Innovation. But I do not present disclosed information! If I should change a post, please drop a mail.

3. Technology

3.1 Technology stack

Of course, a web server is used as the technology stack. I use webgo as web host, especially since it is the fastest web host (in Germany) (uses e.g. SSD as hard disk, has improved my performance by about 5% compared to HDD). Furthermore webgo has a really great support, which really helps! There are other calibres like Kinsta, which are optimized for the CMS system WordPress (see below). Maybe I will move this website there.

Since I need PHP for WordPress, this website runs on an Apache webserver with PHP.

3.1.1 SSL

Since I use HTTPS, an encrypted HTTP connection, I use SSL. This is also helpful regarding SEO, as Google penalizes websites without SSL.

3.1.2 Update strategy

I always use the latest software versions. As soon as they are available in stable form, they will be installed.

3.1.3 Backup strategie

A backup is created every day.

3.2 CMS System

As CMS system I use WordPress. It is the de-facto standard, especially since it offers many plugins. The disadvantage is that it is not necessarily the fastest CMS system. Or rather, every plugin used also reduces the performance. There are also other CMS systems that do not fit the requirements – see also the glossary: Content Management System.

3.2.1 Plugins

I use some plugins. I will write more information about that soon. I’m still trying to find out what is optimal here. Currently I use the following plugins for secure: SEO

Yoast is the de facto standard for WordPress websites in terms of SEO. I use the premium Version. Whether this is worth it… There are different statements about it. Caching

To optimize the website speed I currently use WPRocket. It costs – but it is very cool. The plugin accelerates the website significantly compared to free plugins like Autoptimize (by about 10%). Contact Form

As contact form I use Contact Form 7, which is also the de facto standard. Does its job reliably. Multi-language

I currently publish in English and German. For this I use WPML. It costs the same, but is widely spread. But a multi-language site makes a lot of things very complicated… It takes a lot of admin effort to make it all work like this. And the plugin seems very/too powerful. It already cost me a lot of nerves. GDPR

I use Google Analytics to implement the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A 2-in-1 plugin with which I can also use Google Analytics.

3.2.2 Theme

The current theme, the WordPress design, is Jevelin. I didn’t know it before, but according to Google it should be the best in terms of design + usability + performance. I can’t confirm this at the moment. Maybe I will change the design, e.g. to Gutenpress, which is the best in all performance measurements.

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