Digital Tools

Digital Tools – especially for a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)


Here you can find recommended tools for Chief Digital Officers:

1. Collaboration


JIRA is a collaboration tool. It is the defacto standard in most companies.


Confluence is a Wiki and from the same company as JIRA (Atlassian). It is well integrated with JIRA and also very easy to use.


Slash is a platform to connect different software products, e.g. JIRA, Salesforce, etc.


Microsofts attempt against Slash.

2. Video conferencing

Video conferencing tools:


Easy to use video conferencing system.


Easy to use video conferencing system by Microsoft.

3. Youtube

4. Classical Office Tools

Even in the digital age, office tools seem essential:

Microsoft Office

Usually used in a lot of companies. It provides word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, mail client, etc.

Google Docs

The Cloud alternative to Microsoft Office.

4. See also

See also (glossary External Digitalization): See also (glossary Internal Digitalization):

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