New? Start here!

New? Start here!

How do other companies tackle the digital revolution?

Nearly all of my customers

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First steps at Chief Digital Officers:

1. What is

In the last years I was asked the question stated above by nearly all my customers. Therefore I want to answer this question via this website. I post all topics that are implemented in real life. Futhermote, this website is a blog and information source for everybody who is interested in digital topics for companies.
Especially for Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) ->What is a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?
The purpose of this website is to gather all kind of digital experts. Additionally this site should show what these experts are doing in terms of digital transformation. Long term goal is to establish a community for all Chief Digital Officers.

2. For whom is

This is your place, if you are or want to become a/an:

And especially if you are just interested in how to enhance a business with technology in order to transform a business into a digital business.

You can find here a list of CDO job titles.

3. Who is writing?

Jan Puder San Francisco

My name is Jan Puder (LinkedIn profile Jan Puder). I am the founder & CEO of the BusinessTech-Company Me and the BusinessTech-Company want to push the digital frontier. This is the reason, why I started this website. I want to provide information about digital businesses, especially for Chief Digital Officers.

4. How to start?

You can find examples in our blog, how companies start to turn their business into a digital business.
Here are the overviews of the companies and their activities.
Furthermore you can find in the digitalization directory everything that can be digitalized – and will be genuinely digitalized.
Consequently you can find lots of useful information in the resources, e.g.

In the alphabetical glossary or in the glossary ordered by topics you can find explanations about the most important digital topics.

5. Contribute

Feel free to contribute to this website in any cases! Just drop a mail to

6. Connect

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