Markus Pertlwieser, CDO (Chief Digital Officer) at Deutsche Bank, describes his tasks in this special position with two main columns. Transforming their core business and building new businesses. It was also Markus Pertlwieser who founded the Digital Factoryin 2016. Like this he took over the responsibility for this project as well as for the 400 employees.

The future of banking is digital

In recent time digital transformation is really identifiable in the banking sector. With all this changes regarding the digitalization you can often use the term of Banking 4.0.

Why should Deutsche Bank and the Deutsche Bank CDO be involved in digitalization?

In times of digitalization it’s hard to survive for traditional banks in between financial startups (Fintechs) as well as Internet giants such as Google and Amazon (e.g. FAANG). These mentioned companies offer solutions for what annoys Deutsche Bank costumers. Simple as it is, surviving is the reason for all their innovations putting into practice. Therefore they built up the Digital Factory or the Innovation Labs (link to definition: Innovation lab) in different cities spread all over the world (Silicon Valley). Not to forget the cooperations with startups.

We want to become as digital as possible

Christian Sewing, CEO Deutsche Bank

Especially with regard to the quotation above there are plans for other structural breaks. It‘s a fact that the bank has lost its core direction during the past years but they will also focus this within the upcoming changes. Deutsche Bank will get out of the equity business. Like this they can concentrate on the private- and corporate customers as well as on their needs and expectations. These are highly affiliated with the digitalization and digital changes regarding the whole banking sector (Banking 4.0). To handle this focus on digital infrastructure regarding their IT-systems they will expand with the help of the SAP-expert Bernd Leukert. He will support the board of directors by overtaking the responsibility for digitalization, data and innovation from of September 2019.

To catch up what they missed while starting too late with the process of digitalization, Deutsche Bank doesn’t work in departments anymore. They have now agile project teams. Because of that they are able to make a monthly update and compare it to a needed time of one year before.

Digital subsidiaries

Deutsche Bank is working on several fronts on its digitalization: A Digital Factory, Innovation Labs in San Francisco, New York or even in the Silicon Valley were built up. It is the Digital Research & Development department.

Accelerator / Incubator

The Innovation Lab of the Deutschen Bank in Berlin is the place where they’re driving development of banking innovations. Remember that you can not define it as an accelerator or an incubator in that case. You can say that it is a platform for new technologies which could be used in banks. Head of Innovation Labs, Luc Mériochaud, is responsible for the connection between startups and decision makers within Deutsche Bank. Like this they are able to create a culture of innovation and can support Deutsche Bank’s digital process.

Worth mentioning is also the Blockchain Business Solution Accelerator which is focusing on the Blockchain 2.0. In particular it goes beyond digital currency, puts focus on the areas of trade, distribution management and logistics.

Social media

The Deutsche Bank is already sharing news on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter etc. What they are about to set up is a social media unit. Like this they’re able to give us more personalized insights. Last but not least also win back the costumers confidence which got lost particularly in the finance sector.