A Digital Factory is usually a part of a company or a subsidiary of the respective company, with which one concentrates on the digital transformation. The background of this concept is the digitalization, which takes place very quickly and changes the working world as well as the processes and structures of a company itself up to the value creation level. This requires a series of rule breaks. For example with regard to the working methodology, which is characterized by much more openness and creativity, but also with regard to the processes and teams, which must allow much more agility in the way they act. Accordingly, rapid and continuous changes are very difficult to implement in large corporations. However, these large corporations also need solutions that meet the needs of both customers and today’s technical requirements in order to continue to hold their own in the market. As these companies usually have the necessary financial resources, a Digital Factory is created that focuses on exactly these changes. Digital factories are equipped with people with the necessary know-how and facilities. This means that even large companies are able to implement digitization quickly and uniformly and, above all, with regard to the expectations of their customers throughout the entire company.

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