With new possibilities in the field of 3D printing, the homelessness of many people will be combated in the future. Like this you can build a home with a 3D printer. Homelessness is still a topical and important issue, especially in poorer countries. For the first time, new digital concepts are also taking effect in the operative business of the construction industry.

Project and partners

Thanks to a cooperation between the non-profit organisation New Story and the company ICON they launch the first project in El Salvador in summer 2019. New Story has set itself the task of combating homelessness. Over the next two years they will build a community of more than 100 homes with this 3D printing method.

Both the 3D printer (model: Vulcan ll), which is suitable for the production of houses, and the materials required for this purpose can be traced back to the developments of the ICON company. In this way, the houses manufactured in this way meet comfort, protection and safety standards.

Concept of homes with 3D printer

A 3D house is expected to be completed in less than 24 hours and at a cost of no more than $4,000. A corresponding prototype with a size of 60 square meters is already standing in Austin, Texas. Windows and doors as well as sewage systems and electrical wiring will only be installed by hand after the basic framework has been printed.

Due to the method of production, all 3D houses have a certain pattern. The individual layers of material are applied to each other bit by bit until the house scaffolding is finished. The colour tone of the houses is chosen by the future residents themselves.


The house settlement in El Salvador is the first of its kind and thus the starting signal for this new concept of house construction. However, ICON’s aim is to spread and use this concept all over the world. Through a cost and time scale that differs in every respect from the building concepts used so far, housing shortages and the associated social problems can be met and counteracted in a completely different way from now on.

Further information or a visualized presentation of the 3D community project can also be found in the videos.

Youtube: Design Unveil for World’s First 3D Printed Community
Youtube: 3D-Printed Home Can Be Constructed For Under $4,000


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