Airbnb is an online marketplace existing since 2008. In the hotel industry it is famous as a provider of accommodation. For a long time competitors didn’t see Airbnb as a serious competitor. In the meantime, however, competitors have recognised the potential of this model and are trying to take countermeasures. Like this they try to catch up with reactions they did not considered as necessary before. Especially Marriott’s attack on Airbnb can be seen as a delayed but direct reaction to its success.

Countermeasures TUI

TUI, a major tour operator, for example, is attempting to market its ‘excursions and experiences’ products via its own platforms. To this end, it has also taken the Italian start-up company Musement into its own ranks. This company provides the software to create a corresponding online portal for the mediation of adventure tours and excursions.

Attack Marriott on Airbnb

Marriott, however, as America’s largest provider of various hotels, wants to launch a product that is in direct competition with the Airbnb business model. Based on the Airbnb model, Mariott provides a platform to arrange accommodations and bookings. Initially, there will be around 2000 luxury apartments in around 100 different countries to choose from. In order to ensure that the platform does not fail, they implemented a test run in Europe.


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