It’s Bertram Schulte who holds the SAP CDO Position already since May 2017. Prior to that, he held positions such as Vice President of Strategy Management, Director of Business Operations or Director of Demand Planning & Marketing Analytics also for SAP. ‘We transformed the SAP innovation engine itself and are far from done’, said Bertram Schulte during an interview.

‚It’s time for new ways: We are the pioneers of the digital revolution.’


Why should SAP and the SAP CDO be involved in digitalization?

Top priority for 2018 is to transform SAP. In view of this they want to deliver a successful experience for all customers and become ‘digital SAP’.  Digitalization at SAP means increasing flexibility, agility, control and last but not least become transparent for their customers. It clearly is an internally process which empowers them in keeping up with their competitors and managing complexities easier. As a result of that they can let the company itself grow.

Digital subsidiaries

Since SAP is the market leader for enterprise software the whole company was dealing with digitalization and innovations for the last years. 2017 245 subsidiaries were listed worldwide working on products and solutions directly or indirectly controlled by SAP SE.

The new main product of SAP in recent time is SAP S/4 HANA. It’s a software that can help companies to offer their customers a personalized digital customer experience on high scale. With products and solutions like this SAP can allow their clients form all over the world with designing a procedural- and system landscape fit for the future.

Accelerators / Incubators

2016 did SAP also form the SAP IoT Startup Accelerator (Accelerator) to give startups the opportunity to work together with SAP-specialists especially in the field of IoT (Internet of Things) and digital logistic chain. From the beginning on this project could score a major success and build up a dynamic global partner network.

Social media

In cooperation with NetBase SAP modeled SAP Social Media Analytics– a solution helping companies with evaluating customer’s opinions from every single social media platform to get to know their clients as well as their thoughts and wishes better. This knowledge is also helpful for upcoming marketing campaigns.

SAP as a company uses many different social media channels to promote itself. Life at SAP on YouTube is just one of those examples. You can have a look behind the scenes and get some insight from their offices, employee reports to trainings at SAP up to programs like LGBT Pride and Autism at Work.


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