Ulrich Vilgertshofer is the man in UniCredit’s CDO position. Like this his main goal is it to work on the progress of digitalization. Stefan Lang held UniCredit’s CDO position from the mid of 2016 but he is not part of the company anymore.

Unlike other companies, UniCredit (exact: Hypo Vereinsbank) stopped their participations in fintechs. But this fact still doesn’t mean that UniCredit does not invest in digitalization.

Why should UniCredit and the UniCredit CDO be involved in digitalization?

UniCredits vision for the future is to improve the customer experience at the best. Therefore they are combining total transparency with intelligent systems and digital payment methods. But most important to know about UniCredits change is that it’s mainly not a change of the products itself, but more of how the company will offer the products in the future.

Digital projects

With SumUp Unicredit announced their first big cooperation with a leading company in mobile payment. In the future, their business clients have the possibility to use the mobile payment option of SumUp through an app. This choice widens UniCredits service offer extremely.

Accelerator / Incubator

UniCredit Start Lab is the point of contact for startups looking for help with their business projects. They want to adress startups in all sectors. What they all should have in common is innovation. When the selection process is over, the chosen startups get on one hand cash grants but on the other hand also mentoring, targeted training or tailored banking services.

Remarkable in addition to this accelerator is also the incubator program “Finteach Hub Berlin – H:32” from which HypoVereinsbank owns a small share. The hub is a place for interested parties in the digitalization of finance. There everybody can both meet and learn with / from each other.

Social media

Persons responsible for the social media strategy for UniCredit determined three main goals. What they want to do is strengthen brand awareness, make the customer play a key role and promote products. On each main social network it exists at least one main profile, all telling different stories from family, culture to products innovation.


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