In her position as Bayer CDO from 2014 to 2017, Jessica Federer was responsible for the company’s digital development. Therefore they call her also the “Head of Digital Development”. As a young woman, she stood for both openness and change in her role as Bayer CDO.

Therefore they call her also the “Head of Digital Development”.

The “Digital Excellence Council” was founded together with three members of the Group Management Board and some representatives from the IT and data protection industry. In 2016, there was a change in upper management. Daniel Hartert, the company’s CIO, has therefore assumed responsibility for the CDO tasks with the departure of Jessica Federer (January 2017).

Why should Bayer and the Bayer CDO be involved in digitalization?

As a company in the chemistry and pharmaceutics industry Bayer takes the changes caused by digitalization as a chance. They want to use it to give their customers a bigger added value. One of their digital partners is SAP by which they work together on ideas and develop new products or softwares. All according to the motto: ”Science for a better life”. Farmland goes back from time to time and the population increases. In this case it is Bayer who provides innovations such as digital farming which are solutions for these problems.

Digital projects

Bayer found the Open Innovation Hub, a place where scientists are constantly searching for new technologies. This especially with regard to effective treatments against diseases affecting humans, plants and animals. “Innovation is part of our DNA – it’s in our mission statement: science for a better life.” – Kemal Malik, Board Spokesman for Innovation at Bayer.

Special is also the newly founded startup myAgro”. This should help farmers from Africa, for example, to save small amounts of money step by step. This is possible because of an optimized financing model with the help of self-financing via a mobileplatform. With the money saved in this way, the farmers can buy seeds, fertilisers or the like that they need for their work.


Bayer offers the accelerator program “Grants4Apps”. In this program help and support is provided in various ways for innovators of health and care startups / apps.

The CoLaborator is an incubator for entrepreneurs and young life science companies founded by Bayer. What these companies should all have in common are ideas for treatments against diseases affecting humans, plants and animals. These innovators have the possibility to get laboratory, office infrastructure and access to research expertise.

Social media

Bayer designed a social media room, a part of their website. This is the place where you can find reposts from all their subchannels to be kept in the loop. You can get information about different digital innovations and changes happening in the company. Their potential applicants can also find information about Bayer as an employer on their youtube or twitter channel. These deep insights let the employers feel a certain proximity towards the company what leads to more followers and more attraction towards their job offers.


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