Martin Böhm is working for Beiersdorf since 2007. From August 2017 until today he is in the position of the Beiersdorf CDO (Chief Digital Officer). With his professional experience of 11 years in the company he achieved much knowledge about data, analytics and marketing. These aspects and also his creative mind made him be one of the Internationalist’s “The NEXT 50”. This is a group of selected marketing talents having a big impact on the industry’s future.

But the overall question is:
Does Beiersdorf uses the digitalization and its chances in regard to strategy, technology and organization?

Why should Beiersdorf and the Beiersdorf CDO be involved in digitalization?

In its process of digitalization, Beiersdorf is changing much, but leaves one thing as it ever was: the core of each brand . Brand equities are translated but they will not replace them through digital actionism. Customers still have to know what a brand stands for and still expect the same quality of the last years. In the context of their newly created corporate strategy called “Blue Agenda” Beiersdorf developed clear goals until 2020 concerning digitalization. What they did was simply translating their former brand strategy in a digital strategy.

All in all we honestly have to realize that Beiersdorf as one of the smaller DAX – companies and having a smaller focus on end costumers still has quite major deficits when it comes to digital progress and activities within the company.

Digital subsidiaries

August 2018, Zhong Xiao established his own startup within Beiersdorf: The Wingman-Studios (more information can be found here). Therefore he used an already existing dormanty brand and reconstituted it. In the future Xiao has the plan to use the studios as an incubator for his (fragrance-) brand “Gammon”.

Digital accelerator / incubator

With companies like Edeka, or the HSH Nordbank, Beiersdorf is one of the investors of the Next Commerce Accelerator (NCA). The accelerator program lasts six months. Within the program they offer free office space as well as access to a big experienced network. Further there is individual mentoring and a financial support in return for a certain amount of your company’s equity.

Beiersdorf is also partner of the HighTech Startbahn Inkubator (Explanation: Incubator). Like this start-ups, growth companies, industry partners, investors and also public partners and science are supported. Looking specifically on the support of start-ups, they get support in strategic and economic challenges. On top of that they can get help in formulating their business plans or in the process of fundraising.

Social media

Beiersdorf says about itself that nowadays it’s not a typical B2C-communication anymore but more a H2H-communication (-company) . H2H stands for Human to Human. That’s why Nivea uses more and more influencer marketing as advertisement. Openness, authenticity and originality are just a few of the characteristics influencers should bring with when working together with Nivea.


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