The customer experience is the totality of all experiences that the consumer has with a company. All of a person’s contacts with the company, from the first contact to the last point of contact. The last point of contact can be, for example, the conclusion of a contract, i.e. the actual purchase of a product or service. Often and especially nowadays, the “last point of contact” with a company cannot be clearly identified because the customer care process does not end with or after the purchase. It is therefore the aim of the company to design all contact points (also: touch points) with the customer and thus all points at which the customer contacts the company along its customer journey as positively as possible. If one only refers to the digital touchpoints when referring to the customer experience, one also speaks of the digital customer experience.
The optimal design of the customer experience is to be implemented as part of customer experience management.

Why this is interesting for a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?
Usability is a very important product feature in the digital world. Often it is the USP, like the iPhone. That's why the idea of thinking from the design point of view is keyword: Design Thinking. For this reason Scrum is important for Chief Digital Officer (CDO) to know.

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