Every company has its own journey into the future dealing with the digitalization. But what does digitalization mean for a global insurance company such as Allianz and simultaneously for their costumers?


Until June 2018 it was Solmaz Altin who laid the basis for the Digital Agenda of Allianz in his position as the Chief Digital Officer. He held this CDO position during the last two years. Still striving for more progress and change, Ivan de la Sota was put in the new role of the Chief Business Transformation Officer in April 2018. The intent thereby was to push the transformation and innovation ahead.

Why should Allianz and the Allianz CDO be involved in digitalization?

Right after recognizing changes in customers’ expectations and their behavior Allianz felt the need to change their way of acting. What they did first was improving services. Further they lowered the cost in general and especially regarding the costumer journey and claims processes.

Within the company Allianz is still working hardly to keep their employees up-to-date. This means also concerning knowledge about digitalization. Because of this they offer a lot of different training programs. Especially with their corporate university they delve more and more into digital training possibilities for employees. Like this Allianz developed a three-part strategy which supports all employees in the digitalization process. They now have unlimited access to more than 11000 courses on the platform LinkedIn Learning.

Digital subsidiaries

On the other hand there is the Allianz Technology SE. It is a globally operated Shared-Services-company rendering services for the Allianz-companies in the fields of IT, operations and services. Particularly important is here the task of optimizing and transforming the infrastructure and services of their IT-services.

Allianz also launched the Global Digital Factory in 2016. Global Digital Factory works with Allianz companies around the world to help them implement digitization in their day-to-day operations, improve customer satisfaction, and increase effectiveness and efficiency. The Global Digital Factory can also help customers better understand and experience the digital transformation of financial and insurance products. The Factory ensures that even a company with such a large global reach can always focus on the needs of different customers. With a team of digital experts, Global Digital Factory lives the digital change and leads the way for all other Allianz companies.

Find out more about Global Digital Factory in this video below.

Accelerators / Incubators

The Allianz Digital Accelerator works on business opportunities that add value to their current portfolio or create new business opportunities within the insurance sector. With developments of business ideas having an impact on global scale but also making insurance customers lifes’ worldwide better.

Allianz X is the digital investment unit of the Allianz Group. Like this the invest in the digital growth of companies that are part oft he insurance ecosystems. Their set goal is to identify and invest in the best digital frontrunners that are strategically relevant for the Allianz Group.

Social media

During a survey of FTI Consulting in 2017 Allianz could reach the first place in a top 10 ranking about how the dax-30-groups deal with social media and use it. Allianz is represented in almost every social media channel we know such as YouTube, Instagram or LinkedIn.


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