It is Markus Rautert who holds the position of Senior Enterprise Architect for adidas. In this case he is responsible for the conception and the operation of the IT platforms in the company. With a good IT-strategy arising out of the company strategy adidas is steeling itself for the upcoming digitalization.

Why should Adidas and the Adidas CDO be involved in digitalization?

Being in the role of a digital leader adidas sees it as a must to follow the digitalization. They will especially realize a good cloud-strategy or new services in general. This happens with the help of 1300 employees who are IT-experts. They help adidas to survive in the digital age nowadays. CEO Kasper Rorsted spoke in an interview about his way of thinking about the digitalization. He said: “We can thus interact with consumer and be where they are. For the employees, there is no digital transformation, as they already are digital and have a high affinity for digital topics.”

Accordingly Adidas strategy for the future is “to be the first fast sports company in the sporting goods industry”.

Digital subsidiaries

Until 2017, Adidas had a Digital Sports Division where they worked at digital changes within the company. From then on they started to advance into all company’s areas.

Accelerator / Incubator

Adi Dasslers grandchildren have found the first sport accelerator in Germany called LeAD (Legacy of Adi Dassler). The brothers themselves describe it as a „Sports Entrepreneurship Platform.” With LeAD they are looking for startups in their early stage or founders to be in the field of sports.

On the other hand, worth mentioning is also the experimental incubator and open source collaboration project between adidas and the 3D-printing specialist ‘Materialise.’ It is called Futurecraft. Like this they are able to invent shoes with a 3D-printed midsole that is completely customizable to the needs of every foot and its individualities.

Social media

Adidas represents itself on social media by many different channels for almost all their brands. They have one main general account which promotes and shares content of the other brand channels for example on twitter or facebook. Because of that people pay more attention to less popular accounts such like women’s accounts.


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