Recently, Philipp Karmires started his job as the “Head of Digitalisation” for the Linde AG. Therefore you can also see him in the position of the Linde CDO (Chief Digital Officer). Before that he worked for Google, where he was able to attain much digital know-how. With his easiness and eagerness to experiment, he has the aim to push the already established process of digitalization forward. Karmires bears in particular the responsibility for Lindes’ Digital Accelerator.

“One thing is clear: digitalisation is a game-changer for industrial companies such as Linde, and we want to be in the best possible position to capitalise on these changes.”

Dr. Christian Bruch, Member of the Executive Board of Linde AG

Why should Linde and the Linde CDO be involved in digitalization?

One of the biggest advantage digitalization is bringing along for Linde is for sure the less time you will need to convert a project into business and the less money you will need to try new things out while this process.

With the help of digitalization, Linde uses more and more their already existing treasure of data. Like this they can give costumers even more opportunities. But then again internal using these data to develop “Predictive Maintanance” – calculating forecasts about failures of parts of the system.

Digital projects

In cooperation with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), German industrial gases group Linde has launched its Asia Pacific Digitalization Hub. Linde will invest over 30 million Singapore dollars (22.6 million US dollars) in this project. All this to develop and trial emergent digital technologies for industrial applications in the region and beyond. And furthermore improving safety and process efficiency.

Accelerator / Incubator

Beginning of 2018, Linde partnered with the “Startup Autobahn” innovation platform. This platform is based in Stuttgart. It is connecting over 30 start-ups with a host of partners from industry and from the research and scientific community. They want to create Europe’s largest innovation network.

Back in 2016 Linde founded the Digital Base Camp. This can be defined as an accelerator consisting of a team of developers, data-experts and creative people. All of them are working on new business ideas for Lindes’ future. The so called Digital Natives work on three projects simultaneously whereby each project needs approximately seven months. This is the time they need from the actual idea until the project implementation.

Social media

Linde realized that the handling with social media became more important through the last years. Due to this they set up guidelines while using social media for their employees. These guidelines are based, inter alia, on honesty, transparency, objectivity and the openness towards criticism.

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