Since October 2016 Helmuth Ludwig is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Siemens. With regard to the digital transformation they will not fill the Siemens CDO (Chief Digital Officer) position. The company wants to approach digitalization with software developers and the occupied CIO position. Jan Strate is in the CDO position for Siemens SI DS, but this is only a part of the Siemens company. There is no general Siemens CDO position.

In his CIO position Helmuth Ludwig bears the responsibility for various departments. He’s in charge of the ‘Product Lifecycle Management’ in the Digital Factory as well as for the execution of industry 4.0-technologies. In an interview concerning digitalization he said: “We are already on a high level, which we will still develop.” Therefore IT will play a leading role. “

“To succeed in the future you need to seize the opportunities provided by digitalization right now.”

Dr. Jan Mrosik, COO, Siemens AG

Why choosing digitalization?

Siemens as a major corporation is facing a huge challenge in being up to date in technologies and business models. Especially regarding all the upcoming start-ups. But with their digitalization strategy they have been feeling ready to compete with them. And the numbers show that they were right: Siemens is growing with 12 percentage every year. So Digitalization helps Siemens to become more efficient, reliable and future-proof in production, energy systems or even infrastructure.

But the contact to costumer is still one of the most important things for Siemens while the digital transformation. Customers can help Siemens to find out those potentials of the digitalization bringing real added value into our world. We make the future together.

Accelerator / Incubator

Beginning with the Siemens Technology Accelerator (STA), this is an accelerator founded 2001 in Munich as part of Siemens Corporate Technology. Their mission is to commercialize innovative technologies with business potential. All this with a team full of extensive expertise in technology start-ups and in sale and licensing of technologies.

Unit next47 (accelerator) exists since October 2016 and has resources of one billion euros. Like this they want to promote innovative ideas and technologies. It is in Berkeley, Shanghai and Munich being open for all: employees, founders, start-ups or even already established companies. Artificial intelligence, decentral electrification, autonomous machines, blockchain-applications and electromobility are the five fields in which next47 will invest money.

The Smart City Digtal Hub (Incubator, Explanation: Digital Hub)is a collaboration between Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) and Siemens Limited (Siemens). Researchers work there on developments for a smart city application and solutions specifically for Hong Kong.

Social media

Siemens is active on many social media channels. Worth mentioning surely is Erde 3.0 which is a cooperation of Siemens and ‘Spektrum’ magazine. It is a closed group in Linkedin where future themes such as climate change, renewable energy or medical progress are discussed. Or the channel ‘answers’ where different innovators are dealing with the positive impact on innovative technology on people’s lives.


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