In the position of the CDO it’s Christian Langer leading the digital transformation of Lufthansa Group.

Lufthansa defines digitalization as one of the biggest challenges for established players, but a major opportunity, too. Nevertheless, Lufthansa wants to be recognized as the ‘most digitalized aviation group in the world.’ What’s their plan to achieve this goal?  

Why should Lufthansa and the Lufthansa CDO be involved in digitalization?

Just like in almost every sector digitalization became to be the next key differentiating factor of the airline market. That’s why digitalization for Lufthansa is no option but surely necessary. Their aim: “Better Efficiency“, “Better Sales & Service” und “Better Communication“. Getting digital means to them: more individualization, more options in general and more joy of use for us costumers. Within the next years they plan to get more volume of sales this way.

Digital subsidiaries

Lufthansa Systems is one of Lufthansas’ subsidiaries with which they master the digitalization. Its strengths lies in well-founded airline know-how, long-standing project experience and technological expertise.

Accelerators / Incubators

They founded also the Lufthansa Innovation Hub. But it is not an incubator nor an accelerator. They work at the interface of the Lufthansa Group and the global TravelTech scene trying to make travelling more digital, linked-up and intelligent. Within the framework of the Logistics Tech Accelerator-Program and the cooperation with RocketSpace, Lufthansa Cargo supports young technology companies implementing their own ideas and future visions. Ideally they can introduce these ideas on the market one day.

Social media

Since a few years Lufthansa uses different kind of social media campaigns to attract new customers. We have here for example the Instagram-campaign ‚Inspired by’. It all started with a 30-seconds-teaser around the word heimweh. According to Lufthansa Heimweh is the feeling of missing one’s place of origin. Despite all potential detachment, it’s literally your origin of personal growth.” What followed then were three videos which all focused on the subject of personal identity and self-discovery.

In summer 2016 Lufthansa opened their own snapchat account which they were promoting with the help of the singer Lena Meyer-Landrut. She traveled for Lufthansa to Tokio and kept a travel diary on snapchat with the intention to make snapchat not only for teens, but also for companies focusing on adults attractive. In general it’s all about identifying Lufthansa with personal feelings and thoughts.


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