What happened on Chief-Digital-Officers.com in the first Quarter 2020? Here you can find a summary.

1. Blog posts

What was changed on the Blog?

1.1 New Blog posts

1.2 Updated Blog posts

2. Glossary

What was changed on the glossary (alphabetical) and the glossary ordered by topics?

2.1 New glossary entries

2.2 Updated glossary entries

Basically, these terms are now aligned with standard glossary design. Additonally I added more text to describe the term. And I added a glossary category.

3. Resources

What was changed on the resources?

3.1 Events

Now there are some events for AI + Blockchain (virtual) available on the events page.

4. Technical updates

The technology of the website is continuously optimized. Before I want to increase the website speed – this is also good for SEO. The current stack always offers optimization possibilities. I posted all the decisions regarding the blog in this article.

  • Website speed:
    • Fonts: Removed some unused Google fonts
    • CDN: Using a CDN (Optimole) for delivering the images faster
    • Caching: Using another caching plugin (WPRocket instead of Autoptimize)
    • Webhosting: Moved the website from HDD webhosting to SSD webhosting
  • SSL: Clarified a date error in the SSL certificate
  • Updates: Several updates of WordPress plugins

5. Newsletter

Link to the Q1/2020 newsletter:


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