The term “city 4.0” marks a new era for cities. A city in general is a very complex system of interconnected structures and different actors acting together. This creates a living space for people. With digitalisation, however, it is precisely these structures and the way in which the actors behave and live together that change. Digitalisation is also accompanied by the social trend towards urbanisation, which means that people are moving more and more into cities. Cities are thus increasingly becoming hubs of society in which people’s lives take place. This creates new challenges that call for new urban concepts. Cities must be made more efficient, more environmentally friendly (e.g. more energy-efficient, traffic with fewer emissions, etc.), more networked and also more livable.

Why this is interesting for a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?
The basis of a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is to develop new business areas and business models. This is summarized under the 4.0 term world or Smart Everything.

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