Textile 4.0 describes clothing in which technology such as small electronic components (sensors, chips, etc.) are integrated. The conventional purpose of clothing is pushed into the background. Smart Clothes can be used in a wide variety of applications such as sports, at work, in leisure time and also for health or medical reasons. The technology, which is hardly visible in the clothing, captures data of the human body. Sometimes only for the purpose of collecting the data itself, but in some cases the reactions of smart clothing are already linked to data collection.  When jogging, for example, the pulse rate is recorded by sensors and forwarded to the smartphone via the associated app (only information transmission). If, however, it happens that the pulse is in a critical range, e.g. during sports, an emergency call is automatically made (information transmission with follow-up reaction). The portfolio of smart clothing is very diverse and the existing potential is far from exhausted.
In the production of Smart Clothes, the focus is on improved health protection, especially in the area of outdoor sports, increased efficiency, especially in endurance and fitness activities, and the development of new lifestyle products. Computers that are directly attached to the human body (e.g. arms, breast, etc.) are called wearables.

Why this is interesting for a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?
The basis of a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is to develop new business areas and business models. This is summarized under the 4.0 term world or Smart Everything.

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