The term Construction 4.0 describes the new era of the construction industry and thus the way in which buildings are to be planned and built in the future. The changes are primarily due to digitization and the opportunities it offers.
Digitization affects all levels of construction, including planning and the construction process as well as the monitoring and provision of materials. Through the integration of digital solutions, the entire construction is more cost-efficiently and faster as well as with lower error rates.

The possible applications of digital instruments relate to both hardware and software.

Software solutions for planning processes

While digital planning tools monitor machines and provide an overview of all pending tasks, they also help to record progress on the construction site. In addition, corresponding software solutions also enable communication with construction partners and other interfaces, so that other tasks and intermediate steps, such as telephone calls, are no longer necessary. With regard to organizational planning components – such as employees – corresponding programs also enable digital time recording on the construction site. In today’s office environment, this is a matter of course; for work areas such as construction sites, it is a step forward. In this context, but also with regard to warehouse contents, digital solutions can contribute to increased transparency and thus to facilitating process planning.

Software solutions for warenhouses

With regard to the above-mentioned warehouses – the materials can be equipped with RFID chips. Like this it is possible to check the availability of materials in a more efficient and reliable way. In this way it reduces the risk of bottlenecks and the associated time delays.
Within the framework of the Internet of Things, it is also possible for devices to communicate with each other. By looking at  construction, this means that devices can communicate with each other and announce delays. Smart Maintenance 4.0 also plays a central role in this context. That way it also improves the planning and efficiency of the processes.

Hardware solution for the construction process

For example, drones and robots are used in the concrete “construction” application area. Robots can carry out repetitive processes independently. This allows people to concentrate on more complex and creative tasks. The use of drones is very helpful to monitor the construction progress from the air. This is particularly advantageous for roof constructions and can significantly reduce the amount of work involved.

Why this is interesting for a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?
The topic of Smart Construction is of particular interest to Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of the construction industry. However, the Internet of Things (IoT) forms the technical basis. Therefore, this topic can also be interesting for other CDOs dealing with IoT.

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The basis of a Chief Digital Officer (CDO) is to develop new business areas and business models. This is summarized under the 4.0 term world or Smart Everything.

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