The term living 4.0 describes a new era in how people will live in their houses and apartments in the future. The changes in the notion of “living” go hand in hand with digitisation and the associated opportunities. People today are always looking for opportunities to optimize time, effort and comfort. In this case, this means increasing time and comfort and reducing effort. The goal is modern but also networked households. To be able to supprt and realize this goal you can use digital solutions. Many of these digital possibilities are already feasible today. However, these will continue to rise in the future.

Correspondingly, new solutions are taking effect in very different areas, e.g. in the energy sector, automatic light switching, the assumption of domestic activities by cleaning robots or the control of kitchen appliances, washing machines and blinds via mobile apps. All this should contribute to making people’s everyday lives easier. Unpleasant activities can be automatically transferred to robots, for example, and people have more time for what enriches them.
In contrast to “Smart Homes”, Living 4.0 also consistently focuses more on improving the quality of life in the home. If this change, which goes hand in hand with the new era of living 4.0, is really lived out, one also speaks of Smart Living.

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