Intelligent power grid, which can be classified as Industry 4.0. In a smart grid, information is exchanged within the network, through which the power supply as well as the power consumption and the storage of electricity can be controlled. A prerequisite for such a power supply being able to work is the use of intelligent electricity meters (smart meters), which measure consumption in real-time and communicate with appropriate servers. A smart grid consists of several elements. Particularly important are, for example, the control centers and storage devices. All information comes together in the control center – where it is all analyzed, forecasts are made, and the power supply is adjusted accordingly. By employing artificial intelligence in this area, these processes can also be optimized and made even more efficient. The storage devices can collect and “preserve” surplus energy and until it is used. An intelligent power grid is of particular importance especially for the conversion of the total electricity supply to renewable energy sources, since these environmentally-friendly energy sources, such as wind power and solar energy, which are dependent on natural phenomena, cannot always be scheduled with certainty. See also:

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