Telekom (overview of digitalization at Telekom) has the high expectations to be the leader in the sector of telecommunication. Especially when it comes to customer experience, technology and on the other hand the support of other companies productivity. Particularly when it comes to implementing digital processes and adapting the company to digital changes, companies appoint a Chief Digital Officer (CDO). Nils Stamm is in the position of Telekom CDO.

„Be the leading European telecommunications provider”

Telekoms’ goal for the next years is clearly set.

Why should Telekom and the Telekom CDO be involved in digitalization?

Telekom sees in the newly created digital technologies a chance to simplify and enhance people’s world. In both perspectives: private and professional. All of this with the bigger plan of connecting people and companies.
Digitalization – in Telekom’s opinion – shouldn’t be just a kind of a software changing. But rather a company-wide change of the way of thinking.

Digital subsidiaries

Capital Partners is the venture capital subsidiary of Telekom. They see themself as a bridge between Europe, Silicon Valley and Israel. The aim is to connect people, capital and ideas while supporting new ideas and innovations. Capital Partners is mainly looking for companies which are already in the stage of expansion. Especially in dealing with enterprise software, Big Data, IoT and Cyber security.

Digital accelerator / incubator

Hubraum, the Tech Incubator of Deutsche Telekom. The incubator brings startups in an early stage together. And with specialists to work together on their ideas. Since 2012, Hubraum is working on this project. Especially in the areas of 5G, technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IOT). Not only in Berlin, but also in Krakow and Tel Aviv.
Together with Cisco and Intel this hub:raum created an acceleration platform called “Challenge Up!”. People participating this accelerator, will get access to networks and contacts full of experts, investors and different distributors. This will happen not only in Germany (Berlin, Bonn), but also in London and Dublin. This in order to gain deeper insights in the work environments of bigger companies.

Social media

Special about Telekom is their intranet. Their intranet turned into an interactive inhouse-facebook. Furthermore a place where employees interact about their own blogs. Additionally they have the chance to be involved in decision making process earlier than before (e.g. design thinking).


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