Management method, describing strategies and measures for preserving critical business processes during a crisis or which determines how alternative processes can be used until the appropriate processes can be restored. These are processes which, if interrupted, would cause enormous damage to the company. These processes are, in part, so important that if they failed, it would put the continued existence of the company at risk. Since IT operations are enormously important, they are often at the forefront when it comes to business continuity. This management method can be used to ensure that the company can continue its business operations even in the event of a crisis, at the very least, under difficult circumstances, and the company can survive. When talking about business continuity, the term disaster recovery is also often heard. Both disaster recovery and business continuity should be integrated into security planning. In order to differentiate between the two terms, it could be said that during a crisis, business continuity focuses on management, and disaster recovery has more to do with maintaining infrastructure. External links:


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