Marketing method with the aim of being found by potential interested parties and potential customers. This “new” marketing approach can be traced back to the changed information behaviour of consumers, which also results in the classic Outbond Marketing losing importance. So far one tried to inform the (potential) customer with advertising contents, in the hope, that this becomes attentive to the enterprise and its products/services. Due to the existing information overload, which makes it more and more difficult to attract the attention of potential buyers and in connection with the growing rejection with which consumers advertising contents meet, this so far leading marketing method (Outbond Marketing) turns out to be increasingly problematic. Inbound marketing therefore tries to provide the potential customer with useful content and attract him in this way – which is the crucial difference. The company helps the user and leads him to himself without actively approaching him. With the help of inbound marketing, new customers are to be won, developed into satisfied and loyal customers and finally developed into recommendations of the company.

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