The term Lab as a Service (short: LAAS) describes a service provided by companies that offer other companies not to buy laboratory infrastructure, but to rent it from them if necessary. Lab as a Service can be classified as cloud computing.

With an appropriate laboratory infrastructure, it is about laboratory environments to test software. These can be for example patches, updates or new introduced programs.

The use of laboratory-infrastructure as a service often offers advantages for companies. On the one hand, because laboratory environments cannot be easily provided in the company and on the other hand because they are only available in one place. Thus they are not usable for the whole organization. Like this it is also not possible to use expensive instruments with their full capacity.
By using services, laboratory environments can be made usable for the entire company without physical dependency. In addition, efficiency can be increased, costs reduced and the quality of the tests performed improved.

Why this is interesting for a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?
As part of external digitization, products and services are offered internally and externally in the form of a business service. This actually turns everything into a service. This is the term XAAS. X as variable placeholder, AAS in the form of as-a-service. Software is thus offered as SAAS: Software + AAS = SAAS.

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