Human-to-Human (short: H2H) describes the new type of orientation within the framework of corporate communications. In this, a fundamental distinction is made between B2B and B2C communication. This distinction still exists and continues to be important, as it is necessary to distinguish whether the communication is aimed at a company or an end consumer.
Over time, however, the original “customer” who relied on the company’s information has evolved into a fully informed, smart consumer. Through the possibilities of the web, his consumption and information behaviour has fundamentally changed. Therefore, companies – both in the B2C and B2C sector – must not only approach the consumer as a “customer”, but rather as a “human person”. This means that the focus is not on simply generating buying interest, but rather on the customer as an individual person with personal qualities and interests. H2H communication therefore points out that corporate communication must increasingly be adapted to the personal preferences of the customer as a person in order to be able to meet his requirements.

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