Allianz Digital Transformation

Allianz Digital Transformation

Digitalization is changing people's everyday lives as well as the economic environment in which companies operate. The digital transformation will describe the evolutionary process by which - in this case - companies adapt to this digital change. In the following Allianz' Digital Transformation will be described in detail.


Company name:Allianz SE
Description:One of the financial strongest insurance companies in the world
Chief Digital Officer (CDO):Solmaz Altin

Social Media Allianz


Chief Digital Officer (CDO)

Name:Solmaz Altin

Social Media Chief Digital Officer (CDO)


External Digitalization

Digitalization is changing the demands that customers and suppliers, but also the market itself, place on the company. External digitalization is about how the company presents itself to the outside world and how it deals with these new requirements in order to be able to continue to operate successfully in the market.

This is about answering the questions:

  • How can I design my product range to inspire the customer? (Raise Net Promoter Score)
  • How can I bring my products to market as quickly as possible? (Go-to-Market strategy)

Digital Unit external

Describes own companies, which deal intensively with the topic digitization and promote this topic. Digital Unit external and Digital Unit internal cannot always be clearly separated from each other.


Digital Business Model (Value Proposition)

A business model describes how a company creates value, communicates that value and records it as revenue. Digitalization creates entirely new ways in which a company can create value that can be integrated into existing business models. Value proposition is the core of the business model, as it determines the benefits a company can offer its customers. Existing companies must therefore review their business models (in particular value proposition) and determine whether a new approach created by digitization should be used to increase the benefits for the customer.

More about digital business model can be found here in the glossary: Business Model.

Online insurance

Company name:Fourmore (Own Company)
Description:With FOURMORE, Allianz offers a flexible and digital product in the area of old-age provision. It is a life insurance product designed to adress primarily younger target groups and can be adapted to the individual needs of each individual. This means that payments can be made flexibly and policyholders can also choose from a variety of payout options.
Website: (German Website)
English Website n.a.
Competitors’ Websites:

Digital Accelerators

Accelerators are institutions which support companies, e.g. through consulting, training or personnel, so that they can develop as quickly as possible. Normally these are startups that are helped by Accelerators. In this cooperation, a company already established on the market is supported, which faces new challenges or has to grow into the digital transformation.
More about Accelerators can be found here in the glossary: Accelerator.

Name:Allianz Digital Accelerator
Description:The Allianz Digital Accelerator is not a run-of-the-mill accelerator program. We work on business opportunities that add value to our current portfolio or create new business opportunities within the insurance sector. It is our aim to develop outstanding business ideas that can have an impact on a global scale and ultimately better serve and improve the lives of insurance customers worldwide.

Digital Incubators

Incubators are facilities that create optimal conditions for a company to develop fully. Incubators are also usually associated with startups. In this context, incubators create optimal conditions for successfully integrating the changes associated with digitization into an existing company.
You can find out more about incubators here in the glossary: Incubator.

Name:Allianz X
Description:Allianz X is the digital investment unit of the Allianz Group.
We are investing in digital growth companies that are part of the ecosystems related to insurance.
We identify and invest in the best digital frontrunners that are strategically relevant for the Allianz Group.
We provide an interface between portfolio companies and the digital ecosystem within Allianz as well as drive innovation across Allianz’s operating entities and global lines of business.

Name: Allianz Ayudhya Activator (Thailand)
Description:Allianz Ayudhya Activator is an incubation program focusing on co-creating new insurance technology ventures. We support new innovation in finance and healthcare by helping new local entrepreneurs start their own ventures faster, easier and connecting them globally through our networks across the globe.

Digital Startups

Digital startups of the corporate.
More about Startups can be found here in the glossary: Startup.

Description:The vision:
A platform for simple access to insurance.
Their aim – easy and smart insurance. That’s why they are constantly investing in a unique platform with transparent and efficient insurance services to connect people and business, anywhere & anytime.

Digital Hubs

Digital Hubs are outsourced premises of a company in which innovations are dedicated to the topic of digitization. By means of other work processes and unfastened corporate structures, the networking of internal and external expertise is intended to create digital innovations that drive the company forward.
You can find out more about Digital Hub here in the glossary: Digital Hub.



Apps of the corporate.
More about Apps can be found here in the glossary: App.

Google App Store:

Further Apps

Allianz Bonus Drive
Description:Allianz BonusDrive is the clever insurance solution for every motorist with Allianz motor vehicle insurance. The app records your journeys and analyses them according to several criteria such as acceleration, braking and cornering behaviour, speed, day/time and road type. In this way, you ultimately decide for yourself how much you want to save. Because the more sensible your driving style is, the higher your bonus and thus your premium refund will be. Of course the app remains free of charge.
Google App

Allianz ConnX
Description:The AllianzConnX App allows you to view and assess damage via video phone.
Google App Store:

Internal Digitalization

Refers to the digitization of internal company structures and processes. Here, the digitization of the company's own product and service chain is at the forefront.

This is about answering the questions:

  • How can I increase my productivity through even more digital processes?
  • How can I increase my productivity through even more digital processes?
  • How can I achieve faster results through even more digitalisation in the company?

Digital Unit internal

Describes internal company departments or even a direct subsidiary that deals intensively with the topic of digitization and drives it forward. Digital Unit external and Digital Unit internal cannot always be clearly separated from each other.

Name:Global Digital Factory
Description:Simple, appealing customer experiences are developed here. The Global Digital Factory enables the Allianz company to digitize and strengthen customer relationships, create profitable user experiences, deliver reusable, customer-validated results and scale solutions to serve the diversity of customers around the world.
Insurance simple and tailored.

Digital Strategy

Describes the strategy, i.e. the long-term behavioural plan, of how a company wants to implement digitalization within the company.

“Simplicity wins” With this strategy, Allianz is concentrating on the implementation of corresponding goals in five different areas. The areas are: “New incentives and skills”, “Loyalty to leadership”, “Focus on profitable growth and new platforms”, “Targeted data analysis” and the “Allianz customer model”.
In all these areas, Allianz aims to improve by simplifying processes.

For more information:

Digital Governance

Digital Governance ensures that the digital strategy is properly implemented. And - vice versa - governance should serve to support the alignment of the digital architecture. It refers to the management and interaction with employees in connection with the implementation of digitalization in the company.


Digital Architecture

Digital Architecture describes the structure of corporate structures and areas that the company uses to implement digitalization in the best possible way.


Digital Processes

Digital processes refer to processes that the company uses to implement digitalization. Based on this, it is used for the internal digitalization. Usually they are implemented based on a business process map on different levels (e.g. level 1-5). Processes designed on level 1 are End-to-End (E2E) processes. Business Process Management (BPM) is the methodology to design and manage digital processes.

DevOps operating model in the public cloud Many companies follow today the state-of-the-art DevOps approach. This is needed to provide apps und infrastructure as soon as possible.

Digital Organization

Type of control of the business units that the company chooses to implement digitalization.


Digital Platform

Describes platforms that the company uses for implementation or as part of its digital strategy.

Allianz Business SystemsEveryone knows Allianz as a financial and insurance service provider. But now the company is also active in the software sector.
With ABS (Allianz Business Systems), Allianz has developed a platform that can be used in all segments of the insurance business: property, life and health insurance. This is a big difference to other insurance systems available on the market. This platform is used to manage contracts, exchange customer and partner data as well as claims and benefits.

More information:

Digital Tools

Describes tools (e.g. programs) that the company uses to implement or within the framework of the digital strategy.

“Broker-Tools”Today, people are looking for the right pension solution both online and offline. Increasingly well-informed customers expect their agents to address them in a timely manner. In addition to the digitally supported consulting and application process, this also includes effective workflows and innovative customer support.

Allianz’s so-called broker tools are designed to provide support in these four areas and give tips on what needs to be taken into account when selling insurance services.

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